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  • SARL CECi: Le leader des produits informatiques en Algérie

    SARL CECi Your Success Partner in Algeria Products meilleurs produits de point de vente en Algérie Our Brands We are the official Partner in Algeria of multiple word-class brands Popular Products We offer a wide range of products that cover the main industries in Algeria POS System - CPU : Celeron J-1900 Quad core. - Ecran tactile 15" - SSD 64 Go - 2Go RAM More Products Systèmes de gestion de file d’attente Onduleurs ONLINE 1-2-3 KVA Rackable iCon OMNI-7140 XPRINTER XP-V330M iCon Sea-Dual Tysso POS-1000 SMART iDP-31S X-7 Balance Electronique Aclas LS21530-E SPRT SP-L31 XPRINTER XP-P810 XPRINTER XP-TT424B SUNLUX XL-528 ICON IC-4010 SUNLUX XL-2002 Load More " We are the FIRST because we offer the BEST " Our Brands Products A wide range of Information Technology Solutions POS Solutions POS system, Barcode reader, Barcode printers, Ticket printers, TOUCH screen, Cash drawers, Electronic scale ​ Products Queue Management System A fully customized solution for queue management to better serve your customers Products Access Control Top quality access control and time attendance machines from our partner ZKTeco ​ Products IDP Smart A top level quality badge printer from the brand Smart. All needed accessories are available separately Products UPS A wide range of UPSs, Stabilizers and Batteries from small ones to up to 500KVA ​ Products Accessories Accessories ranging from keyboards, mouses, printer inks, monitors and more ​ Products ABOUT US SARL CECI is the No 01 provider of POS products in the Algerian market. Since its creation in 1994, its team vision was supplying the local market with the up to date technologies supported by the best value for money. Our goal is not reached yet, but our effort remain the same or maybe higher until, not only reach the top, but stay there for life. With our loyal customers help, who favors quality products; we will together challenge the obstacles, adjust the path until we achieve the desired goal which is definitely the top. Get in Touch Why Choose SARL CECi The Leader in Computer Equipments in Algeria 27 Years Experience We have been in this field since 1994 Word-Class Quality We make sure that we offer the highest quality in the market Professional Service Team Our team consists of 30 professional employees Guaranteed After Sale Services Our products come with a minimum 12 months warranty Our Certificates Our Products and Brands Partnerships Certificates Our Branches We serve our clients from different cities in Algeria CECi Alger Coopérative Essalem G13, Garidi 1, Kouba ​ 0770 615655‬ 023 707817 CECi Setif Cité de l'avenir, Makam Chahid, Setif 0770 301 294 0770 261 410 CECi El Eulma Rue El Wahat, Cite Dubai, El Eulma, Setif 036 763076 0770 941336 Ignite Dubai Office 2105, The Bayswater Tower, Business Bay ​ 052 7750049 052 2727637

  • Badges Printer | IDP Smart Algeria | SARL CECi

    Badges Printer IDP Smart Badge Printers are the highest quality printers in Algeria Quick View Cartes RFID PVC Quick View Ruban Badgeuse Quick View SMART iDP-31S Quick View SMART iDP-31D produits informatiques

  • POS Solutions Algeria | SARL CECi

    POS, Printers, Scales... Improve the efficiency of your business with CECi's POS solutions. POS Systems: Sort by Quick View Ecran tactile iCon T-156DR Quick View Tysso POS-1000 Quick View iCon Gl-K2 Quick View iCon T-320 Plus Quick View iCon Dragon-VFD Quick View iCon Dragon Quick View iCon Sea-Dual Quick View iCon Sea-VFD Quick View iCon Sea Quick View iCon GL-P20 Dual Quick View iCon GL-P20 VFD Quick View iCon GL-P20 Barcode Readers: Sort by Quick View SUNLUX XL-9528 Quick View SUNLUX XL-9522B-2D Quick View SUNLUX XL-9309B-Sf Quick View SUNLUX XL-528 Quick View ICON 2D-5566 Quick View SUNLUX XL-3610-2D Quick View SUNLUX XL-6500A Quick View ICON IC-4010 Quick View SUNLUX XL-6500 Quick View Honeywell MS-7120 Quick View SUNLUX XL-2002 Quick View SUNLUX XL-2021 Quick View iCon OMNI-7140 Quick View SUNLUX XL-2302-2D-F Quick View SUNLUX XL-6500A Barcode Printers: Sort by Quick View Support externe pour rouleaux Quick View TYSSO BLP-410 Quick View XPRINTER XP-H500B Quick View XPRINTER XP-TT426B Quick View XPRINTER XP-TT424B Quick View TYSSO BLP-300 Quick View XPRINTER XP-470B Quick View XPRINTER XP-DT427B Quick View XPRINTER XP-233B Ticket Printers: Sort by Quick View SPRT SP-L31 Quick View XPRINTER XP-P810 Quick View TYSSO PRP-300 Quick View TYSSO PRP-250C Quick View XPRINTER Q-800 Quick View XPRINTER XP-V330M Quick View XPRINTER XP-E200L Cash Drawers: Sort by Quick View Adabtateur RJ12-USB Quick View Tysso Lecteur Carte magnétique Quick View TYSSO Afficheur Prix Quick View TYSSO clavier programmable Quick View interieur Fliptop Quick View Couvert C-4141 Quick View Interieur tc C4141 Quick View Interieur tc 4617 Quick View FlipTop RJ11/RJ12 Quick View iCon 4142B Quick View iCon G-350 Quick View iCon G-4142 Quick View iCon C4141-USB Quick View iCon C4141 RJ11/RJ12 Quick View TYSSO RJ11/RJ12 Balance Electronique Aclas LS21530-E

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